Need to know


All classes are normally closed so the teacher will have the student’s undivided attention during class. Visitors on un-assigned days can be a distraction both to your student and to the rest of the class.

Children in dance classes must wear the proper dance wear and shoes. The teachers cannot teach the proper dance technique if the student doesn’t wear the proper dance attire.

Please mark clothing and shoes with the dancer’s name, and bring a dance bag to keep everything organized and for teachers to send home notes or newsletters.


Parents are informed of the activities of the school through our website & newsletters. Newsletters are passed out at the beginning of each month, and extra copies are available in the office.

Arrival and dismissal times are hectic times to discuss any concerns, so please schedule an appointment with your child’s teacher if you need to. We will schedule assigned parents and visitors days for any parent or friend to view the child’s progress. These will be announced in the newsletters.