Making A difference

Here are a few testimonials from our students and parents.


"I think it’s only appropriate that today would be your birthday AND that my final interview (hopefully) for the Nashville Predators Energy Dance Team would be this afternoon.
I just wanted to thank you. For being my hero all of these years. Even when I thought I couldn't do something you were there to tell me that I could. You pushed me in the most delicate ways and loved me regardless. You treated me as your own. Because of you I have been able to do so many more things in this life because I had the confidence you instilled in me. You don’t get told enough how important you are and what amazing work you do... you give and give and give without asking anything in return. I love you Miss Amy. Thank you for being such a role model."

"My daughter has been taking dance at Miss Amy's since she was a little over two years old. Not only did we learn about dance – but about music. Our time at Miss Amy's has enabled us to make good, long-lasting friendships over the years. One of the best benefits is simply staying in good physical shape. We have had a great experience! I loved the time we have spent at Miss Amy's school of the Arts."

"Camryn started in dance as shy 3 year old. This young lady has grown to a level of confidence to compete from local to national events for dance. She has represented her county as Miss Dickson Co at the state level. She has helped raise thousands of dollars for the past 3 years for the child advocacy center Dance off in the Den and maintained a 3.9 GPA in academics. Thanks to Miss Amy’s for loving her and allowing her to spread her wings and share dance with so many."